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Exact Recruitment

We offer proactive search and selection of managers, specialists and sales personnel.

Headhunting in Germany,

Denmark and the DACH-region

We cover the markets in Denmark, Germany,

Austria and the german speaking part of Switzerland (the DACH-region) with

experienced and multilingual partners.

Headhunting and recruiting

In certain cases, we fill positions discreetly

by headhunting within our extensive network,

while others are filled through a combination

 of headhunting and online recruiting.

Talent, qualifications and culture

Our mission is to support our customers

identifying and acquiring talented employees

who are qualified to add value and growth

to the business. In order to understand the

requirements we usually start the hiring

process with an initial visit to your company

in order to get a personal understanding of

your business, culture and organization.


Valid tests and methods

In the hiring process we use valid tests

and methods. These are crucial in order to hire

the right people for your business. Combined

with our comprehensive experience, they

guarantee you the best result, filling

positions in your company.


Our personalized recruitment process has

assured us many satisfied customers and

a convincing reference list of positions

which we have successfully filled.

Contact us

Contact one of our senior partners to discuss

how we can assist you in headhunting the

right employees in Germany, Austria,

Switzerland (the DACH-region) or

Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

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