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Exact Group GmbH & Co. KG, Carl-Zeiss-Straße 6

D-25451 Quickborn, Amtsgericht Pinneberg HRA 8544


Exact Recruitment Group GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Straße '

D-25451 Quickborn, Amtsgericht Pinneberg HRB 14502

Managing Directors/Geschäftsführer:

Steen Toftegaard Poulsen, Martin Larsson



Steen Toftegaard Poulsen

Senior Partner, shareholder

Hamburg/Bremen, Germany

mobile: +49 172 422 1004


wwwExactRecruitment PortraitLarssonMartin2018_0C

Martin Larsson

Senior Partner, shareholder

Eckernförde, Germany

mobile: +45 3020 1389 (DK)

mobile: +49 173 5161 438 (D)


Klaus Hartstock

Senior Partner, shareholder

Bremen, Germany

phone:   +49 421 346 7401

mobile: +49 171 491 3036


wwwExactRecruitment PortraitGreppmairAnja2018_0C

Dr. Anja Greppmair

Associate Partner

Bremen/Oyten, Germany

phone:   +49 4205 3148 849


wwwExactRecruitment PortraitBrandykKatja2018_0C

Katja Brandyk

Assistent / Accounting

Bremen, Germany

wwwExactRecruitment PortraitPoulsenSteenToftegaard2018_2C
wwwExactRecruitment PortraitHartstockKlaus2016_1
Bild ClaudiaProfilSortHvidS_HB2020

Claudia Rottmann

Associate Partner

Bremen/Achim, Germany

mobile: +49 173 212 3061


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